Josephine explains to residents attending the morning report the benefits of practicing medicine in the Military versus the civilian sector.
Josephine talking to residents during morning report

NGUYEN: I know you guys are still in the learning phases, but even, like, you would think, like, even beyond — after residency and taking your patients, like, you all — there’s always a transition phase of your career, where you’re like, “OK, I’m good seeing patients now, I want to do something else like run hospitals, or do international aid.” And that’s what’s awesome about medicine, is that the civilian side, people pretty much have to stay in that pathway, or, I mean, or then they can transition, but then to transition to the executive level, it takes a big — a big transition, while for the Military, like, you can just jump from one to another, and then just still go back and take care of patients. So it’s been — I mean, it’s just — just to encourage you that your choice to go Military was great.

Josephine Nguyen, M.D.
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08:11 AM
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08:11 AM
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Josephine Talks Benefits: Being a Military Physician

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