Medical Residency Programs

Explore this page to get a better understanding of the expectations and responsibilities of this role within the Military.

What to Expect

As a resident, you will be a member of the Individual Ready Reserve (IRR). Members of the IRR are trained Soldiers who may be called upon to replace others who are in active-duty and/or Reserve units. 

While in the IRR, you will not wear a uniform and you will not be pulled away from medical training for deployments. During your annual training, you will be considered an active-duty officer, and you will receive pay and benefits equal to those of a captain in the Army or Air Force or a lieutenant in the Navy.

For medical residents, the Financial Assistance Program (FAP) includes an annual grant and a stipend for required books, equipment and supplies, and payment of any required tuition.

Application Checklist

  • Get accepted to a civilian residency program.
  • Determine if you are eligible to join the Military.
  • Contact a recruiter for each Service that interests you. You can apply solely to the Services that interest you or you can apply to all three — Army, Navy or Air Force.
  • Your recruiter or recruiters will schedule a preliminary interview.
  • Fill out a separate application for each Service that interests you.
  • Your recruiter will schedule a physical examination for you via a Military Entrance Processing Station or the Department of Defense Medical Examination Review Board.

Service Commitment

In exchange for your financial assistance, you will be required to participate in one 14-day annual training period for every year you spend in the program. Deployments to bases or locations within the United States or overseas may also be a requirement, depending on the specific needs of the Military at the time of your service commitment. 

In total, you will receive a minimum Active Duty Obligation (ADO) of two years (or one-half year for every half year or less you spend under your FAP sponsorship, whichever is greater). For additional information, explore these part-time service opportunities for residents.