John lives on a 10-acre farm in Ohio where he has several animals he tends to on a daily basis. When he arrives home from work, he goes outside to clean the barn, feed his animals and shave his alpaca, Carl. His farm is his sanctuary. It's a welcome reprieve from a hectic day in the emergency room.
John shaving an alpaca on a table in the barn

TRENTINI: You know, a lot of times I’ll work very strange shifts in the ER, where I’ll get home at sometimes midnight or sometimes work an overnight shift and get home at about 8:30 in the morning.

[whistles] Hey, guys. Hey, mister. Hey, Abigail. Hey, Abby girl. You hungry for breakfast?

We’ll usually just have some coffee and a little bit of breakfast, do some reading about some of the cases — interesting cases I saw the night before, and then come out here and check on the animals and get — kind of get the day-to-day things taken care of before passing out (laughter) and going to sleep and getting some rest and getting ready for the next night.

People always ask me why — you know, why farming is — like, why’d you get a farm? You know, you’re doing residency and you’re busy and all this stuff. And I’ve always wanted to have a lot of space and land and I grew up, you know, kind of around farms and cow farms and horse farms and always wondered what it’d be like to have one of my own. They’re really actually not a lot of work, to be honest. It’s just coming out, making sure they’ve got plenty of food, plenty of water. And they’ve got a good pasture out that they eat plenty of grass in, so. Well, after we get this cleaned up a little bit, we’ll put down some fresh bedding, and then I think it’s time for Carl to get a haircut.

I really connect with my patients a lot, because you’d be surprised how many alpaca farmers are in the area here, so it’s not uncommon where I’ll be talking with somebody that’s in the ER who has got a farm, a sheep, or a livestock or something, and sometimes I’ll get advice from my patients in terms of how to do stuff, so — so it’s a great connection with folks in the area here, so. And, you know, I’ve got to take care of these guys just like I take care of my patients, although I will say I’ve never given a haircut to any of my patients in the ER before.

John Trentini, M.D., Ph.D.
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Farm as Sanctuary for an Emergency Medicine Resident

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