Josephine leads the hospital's telemedicine initiative, and has one scheduled appointment every day that occurs via videoconference.
Josephine sees patient on computer screen

NGUYEN: One of the leadership projects that I oversee and I’m actually in charge of for the whole hospital is the telehealth initiative. My job specifically is to see what needs there are for military patients that are spread out in smaller locations that don’t have access to specialists, and I help ensure that they get the care that they need quickly and expediently.

So today I have an active-duty male that was not able to see a dermatologist in his local area, because there is no military dermatologists available nearby him.

Clinically, looking at it, it doesn’t look concerning for melanoma.

PATIENT: OK, that’s really good news. I appreciate it. That makes me feel a lot better about it. I was concerned, you know, because of the changes that I’ve noticed over time. So I really appreciate that advice.

NGUYEN: Wonderful. Thank you so much, and please make an appointment again if you have any other questions.

PATIENT: Yes, ma’am. Thank you.

NGUYEN: Thank you.

Josephine Nguyen, M.D.
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Medical Trends: Telemedicine Appointments

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