As head of the dermatology department, Josephine is responsible for mentoring residents who are training in the specialty. She works closely with Dr. Matt Parrott and teaches him how to provide exceptional patient care and treatments. Today they see a young child with a sebaceous cyst.
Josephine and matt standing in front of a class

NGUYEN: Lieutenant Matt Parrot is an awesome intern that’s been rotating with me for the past two weeks in dermatology. So we’re heading down right now to morning report for all of family medicine, and Matt and I will be giving a morning report. And that includes case reports as well as a talk about the importance of sunscreen use.

PARROT: I’m Lieutenant Parrot. I’m on derm right now with Dr. Nguyen. So we’re going to start off with some cases that I’m going to present and then Dr. Nguyen’s going to talk about some of the specific details of that, and then if we have time we’ll go on to just a brief sunscreen talk.

NGUYEN: I get the privilege of working with residents, including medical students and interns. I see their strengths, I work with their weaknesses and help them round that out, and I teach them how to not only be a better physician, but be a physician leader.

PARROT: Yeah, so I know on the scalp you can get these pilar cysts, which are sort of like an epidermal inclusion cyst, kind of a cousin to that —


PARROT: — which are a little more firm. That’s typically what I see on the scalp that’s like that. I don't know if that happens in infants though.

NGUYEN: It’s un — you don’t commonly see it in infants, you’re right. It feels like some — like what we call a sebaceous cyst. However, in a young child, you always want to make sure it’s not something like a tumor, something of — or something that is vascular, of blood origin. So I thought — so before we refer him to a surgery, I think we should order — what? What do you think we should order?

PARROT: Do an ultrasound.

NGUYEN: Yeah. Thank you. You were a good patient today. Alright, thank you. It was nice to meet you.

Josephine Nguyen, M.D.
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Mentoring Future Residents

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