Military Working Environment

While the life of a military physician can be demanding, it can also bring you closer to your patients by removing many of the administrative hassles that common civilian practices have to deal with daily.

More Interaction with Patients

In the Military, patients come first. You select treatments based on medical needs, not the financial needs of an insurance company. In terms of scheduling, you can spend more time on each patient instead of hurrying from one to the next. Finally, if you need to make a referral, you can turn to the many specialists in the Military's network.

Practicing in a Variety of Settings

As a military physician, you won't be tied to a single office. While you may treat patients in a military hospital, you may also treat them on a ship, on a plane or in a combat zone. Furthermore, you will be working with technology that is as good as, if not better than, what you will find in any civilian hospital.