Sara explains why she chose to be a part-time physician in the Army National Guard.
Sara explaining why she chose to be a physician in  the National Guard

BURDASH: When I came into the military, it was, I was looking into going to medicine, and I knew that there was an opportunity to be a medic. And so, I actually enlisted into the North Dakota National Guard as that one weekend a month, two weeks in the summer, when I was in high school thinking that man, being an Army medic is really going to prepare me for my career. So, I started there, I actually did some ROTC time in undergrad, and actually took my direct commission through the state of Minnesota, because this is where I did my medical school. And became an officer, and so when I look at my time, I started off almost kind of what can the Army give me, I’m going to be a medic, I’m going to learn the skill set, I’m going to get some experience, now that I’m older and I’m in medicine, I really see where the need is. ​

Sara Burdash, M.D.
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Why Sara Chose to be an ARNG Doc

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